Over the years Intelligence4 has been involved in many successful GUI design ans software projects.

Take a look at what we have been up to and where we have we been doing it.


Visual design and development are moving closer and closer together. Today successful software projects consider the user, thier work processes, the environment that they find themselves in, and delivers a software product that is easy to understand and efficient to use.


Finished projects and products are interesting. However, very important is also to know how a design came about, what influences came into play, and what design decisions took place.

Our blog give you an insight into what motivates us, how we think, and solutions to some technical challenges we faced.


Here you will find how to get in contact with us.

We look forward to your call and to supporting you with your project - just give us a call!

Who We Are

We specialise in X, Y, and Z

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What We Do

We provide X, Y and Z

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What People Are Saying

And a final subheading about our clients

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